Join the Volunteer Board

The Rest Haven Foundation takes the time to find volunteer board members with the right values, skills, attitude and commitment. After all, even though this is a volunteer job, being a board member is a crucial leadership role! Our board members are responsible for the financial and cultural well-being of the Foundation and our main purpose is finding effective and innovative ways to directly support of the Rest Haven Lodge. For terms of 2 or 3 years, members of the Foundation board will be defending and promoting the Lodge’s mission; acting as key spokespersons and driving fund raising initiatives.

Rest Haven Foundation raises funds for music therapy, recreational activities, medical equipment and special projects. Our members are passionate about increasing community awareness in support of palliative care. If you have experience in finance, legal, marketing, fundraising, policy… we want to hear from you!  

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Become a Voting Member

Join the Rest Haven Foundation, help us help the community as we provide support for Rest Haven Lodge. Show your support, become a member for $25 and have a vote at the AGM

Become a Volunteer

Volunteer at one of our fundraising events, or inquire about hosting your own fundraiser for the Rest Haven Foundation. We‘d love to hear about your ideas for helping us, care for the community. Meet new friends and have fun[/text-with-icon]

Our Wish List

Our Wish List is generated annually with input from residents, family and staff. Make a donation to our greatest needs fund to make it a reality or select an item from our WISH LIST and donate for the purchase of that specific item/project