Your Support Helps

From funding innovative research training events for staff, to purchasing vital equipment and upgrading services, your support of the Rest Haven Foundation changes lives for Rest Haven Lodge’s residents and their families.

We are dedicated to fundraising for these needs with the input from residents, families and staff.  

Wish List

Music Therapy – music therapists use methods such as song writing, improvisation, guided imagery and music, lyric analysis, singing, instrument playing and music therapy relaxation techniques to treat the many needs of patients and families receiving care.

Sunshine Clowns Society – Visits to Rest Haven Lodge not only entertains and amuses, it also stimulates and to bring smiles to residents. Residents suffering from chronic illnesses or dementia, enjoy the lift they receive when the clowns arrive. Clowns are interesting and fun with their odd games and activities which engage and involve the residents in activity.

Panorama Recreation Swim Program – Here are just a few of the health benefits swimming offers to older adults: Improves heart health. Gentle on the joints. Reduces the risk of osteoporosis. Increases flexibility. Improve muscle strength and tone. Boosts mental health.

New Functional Tables and Chairs – Having proper tables will make our residents feel more comfortable and make it easier for our care team to feed them if they require any assistance. The tables we currently have in place have been noted in our 2016 Accreditation Canada report as outdated and not proper use for care homes.

Life is Like A Piano Program –  The piano at Rest Haven Lodge has become too old for us to effectively repair. Our piano is in constant use for: daily performances, weekly spiritual practice and special monthly events. We are hoping to purchase a gently used piano that will last us for another 30 years.

Fish Tank Program – Purdue University researcher Nancy Edwards studies have shown residents who were exposed to fish tanks appear more relaxed and alert, and they ate up to 21 percent more food than they had before the introduction of the fish tanks. The study also showed a decrease in the number of instances and the duration of behaviours such as wandering, pacing, yelling and physical aggression. The tanks of colourful, gliding fish often hold residents’ attention for up to 30 minutes — a relatively long time for many dementia and Alzheimer sufferers.